Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing 1.7.5

Catching fish like a Ninja


  • Easy to play
  • Addictive


  • Repetitive gameplay

Very good

Ninja Fishing is an addictive arcade game that uses tilt and touchscreen controls to catch and capture fish.

Gameplay in Ninja Fishing is simple. You cast your hook into the water and tilt your device to avoid fish until you reach the lowest depths possible. Once you hook a fish, your Ninja will start to reel in the catch. You then tilt the device to catch as many additional fish possible until the hook reaches the surface. After your fish are caught, they are thrown into the air and you have to slash them to gain coins.

It is a simple game mechanic, but a lot of fun. You use the collected coins to buy upgrades like longer lines and new boats.

The graphics in Ninja Fishing have a cartoon look and each fish is distinct in design. The further you venture the variety of fish increases as well as the appearance. Each Ninja Fishing session is quick and give a great amount of replay value.

Ninja Fishing is a fun, casual arcade game.

Ninja Fishing


Ninja Fishing 1.7.5

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